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I started getting a migraine yesterday afternoon, the initial symptoms are neck and shoulder pain, I rubbed the salve on them and it went away! Plus, I took a dropper of extract and the migraine disappeared. So thankful! Wendy T

Bulgarian professor of economics

Tim’s trauma balm is my daily natural pain remedy with incredible potency, easing tension on contact. The little blue tin travels everywhere with me 🙂 Grateful for this find! Dana S

Beautiful Person

Trauma Balm has become my go-to for all the manual work that I do in my physical therapy practice. I work in a very fast-paced, demanding environment with profession dancers and Broadway performers. Tim’s salve works absolute wonders to help quickly release restrictions… Katrina R

Physical Therapist & Dancer

I struggle with bouts of tendinitis in my knees and elbows and Trauma Balm has proven to be the go to remedy! Steve C

Artist & Fly Fisherman

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Hilaree Nelson

Hilaree Nelson

Adventurer, big mountain skier, lover of magical places, mother of wild boys.

We are so happy to have Hilaree Nelson as our ambassador for Tim’s Trauma Balm! She has been traveling all around the world, and to the highest peaks with our tins. She is giving the balm the double thumbs up when it comes to keeping her body going. Thanks Hilaree!
Craig Childs

Craig Childs

Storyteller, Writer, Traveler of interstitial places.

We are really excited to have Craig Childs carrying our salve to the dark places on the map. Craig has requested that we make him a bathtub full of salve. We are working on it!