I started getting a migraine yesterday afternoon, the initial symptoms are neck and shoulder pain, I rubbed the salve on them and it went away! Plus, I took a dropper of extract and the migraine disappeared. So thankful! 

Wendy T.

Bulgarian Professor of Economics

Trauma Balm has become my go-to for all the manual work that I do in my physical therapy practice. I work in a very fast-paced, demanding environment with profession dancers and Broadway performers. Tim’s salve works absolute wonders to help quickly release restriction in superficial structures so that I can get to deeper tension that is being held in soft tissue. I have also noticed less pain in my own hands when working long hours on very strong bodies!

Katrina R.

Physical Therapist & Dancer

I’ve been putting Tim’s Trauma Balm on my feet at night because I haven’t been sleeping well. It makes a world of difference. I have been sleeping through the night for the first time in months.

Kylie A.

Artist Extraordinaire

I struggle with bouts of tendinitis in my knees and elbows and Trauma Balm has proven to be the go to remedy!

Steve C

Renaissance Man

I have a Shiba Inu, aged 7. He’s just an adorable ginger Shiba, but he has early onset arthritis in his knees.  Jumping off the bed around a year ago, he injured his leg badly enough that he required over a month of convalescing.  Recently, he re-injured the same leg although not quite as egregiously.  I’ve added Tim’s Trauma Balm to his healing regime. I simply can’t believe the speed of his recovery.  It’s cut his healing time in half–which is amazing considering what the arnica had been doing!  Plus, as an all-natural product, I have no fears of him licking and ingesting the treatment, which is the ideal situation for me in general with my preferred healing practices.  I’ve used Tim’s Trauma Balm on my own body as well with stellar results. Faster healing and recovery times for both mine and my pup’s injuries makes me more than excited to share with everyone I know how invaluable this product is for me.  Thanks so much for introducing this balm to me!

Andrea G

Asst. Wardrobe Supervisor, Broadway

My name is Kulani and I am the head therapist at Studio G. I have been a practicing body work for roughly four years now and could not be more satisfied with the connections I have made over the years. Being in the business for as long as I have, I have found many therapeutic topicals that are better than others, however nothing beats Tim’s Trauma Balm. I believe I have referred this product to the majority of my clients and I believe they will continue to use it for the rest of their lives… I know I will. This CBD infused arnica salve doesn’t smell like hemp or marijuana, it actually has quite a lovely scent. This salve helps children sleep if you apply it to their feet. This salve rids any pain instantly and works through the day, preventing multiple applications. This salve is a savior. 

Kulani A

Massage Therapist

We love Tim’s Trauma Balm for many reasons, but recently I put it on my kids sunburn and it really soothed it over night! Highly recommend this product for everything from sore muscles to dry cuticles. It’s like magic!

Jessica B.

Ski Patroller & Mother of Three

The wonders of Trauma Balm: We had Trauma Balm for my son after a ski accident-which was an amazing part of his recovery. However, I have since discovered an extraordinary use for Trauma Balm. I am definitely in the Peri-Menopausal stage of my life-my periods have become more painful and I tend not to be able to sleep during that week. The trauma balm application on my belly was genius-who knew? I have used on my lower abs during “that time” of the month for the last 3 months and my symptoms are so much better-I AM SLEEPING!!! GENIUS!

Tiffany O.

Librarian & Dog Walker

Went on a river trip to the West Water section of the Colorado River. Was sun baked, dehydrated and well spent after a full day. A massive headache started coming my way. Drank my water and rubbed Tim’s Trauma balm on my temples. I was rejuvenated and back in the game soon after. Always like to travel with this stuff for whatever may hinder me (headaches, muscle pain etc). Highly recommend

Will P.

International ESL Teacher & Kayaker

The nature of my work means constant tight and sore muscles as well as nicks, cuts and scrapes. I have found Trauma Balm to offer relief for a battered body on numerous occasions. I rub a dab into a sore neck or a tight calf as well on scraped knuckles and elbows for quick relief and healing. I love the natural ingredients and ease of use. I rarely go out into the world without a jar somewhere in my kit.

Jordan B.

Jack of all master of none.

Tim’s trauma balm is my daily natural pain remedy with incredible potency, easing tension on contact. The little blue tin travels everywhere with me 🙂 Grateful for this find!

Dana S.

Appraiser and Student of Meditation

I’ve used several CBD products for myself and in sessions with my massage clients. So far, Tim’s Trauma Balm is my favorite product that I’ve used.  I love the texture (not too sticky or too firm) and I love the smell (like a great therapeutic muscle rub). I also think the ingredients he uses are high in quality; so combined with the CBD oils— this product the best possible solution for pain and therapeutic relief.

Angela G.

Massage Therapist

Tim’s ‘Trauma Balm’ traveled across the world with us to Thailand. I think it should be called ‘EVERYTHING BALM’ because we used it for all ailments while traveling. For example;  My daughter broke out into hives as she gets an allergic reaction from mosquito bites, we had limited medical resources, so I tried Tim’s Trauma Balm, and it calmed her overly irritated skin. This shit works!!! It is my go to for everything… Something itches; Tim‘s Trauma Balm. Something hurts; Tim‘s Trauma Balm. Something aches; Tim‘s Trauma Balm. Something of The Who knows what; Tim‘s Trauma Balm.

Jennifer L.

All around awesome person

Tim’s Trauma balm is incredible! I have used 3 other highly recommended pain relief salves in the past and they don’t even come close to the relief you get from Tim’s.  I recently rolled my ankle to where I wasn’t able to put any weight on it only 2 days after the accident. All it took was 5 evenings of use to where my pain was completely gone and I was back to walking normal again. I carry Tim’s with me at all times now and always recommend it to friends. Great product!

Alton S.

Fly fishing guide

Tim’s thoughtful approach to the creation of this phenomenal salve is evident in everything from the organic, traceably sourced ingredients to the potency of the CBD.  The CBD is the key ingredient that gives me the immediate relief I need from all my aches and pains. I’m like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz…. I apply a bit here and a bit there every day to facilitate the mobility and function of my muscles.  Recently I tried the ‘serving suggestion’ and applied some in to the bottoms of my feet for a relaxing nights sleep.  I feel very fortunate to enjoy Tim’s Trauma Balm as a resource in my toolkit for my physical health and well being.

Kristen H.

Climber & Attender of live music extraordinaire